Boukyou (boukyou) wrote in earth_to_psycho,

Well. Tis unfortunate that we only have one member here and a few who I know are looking in, but thats okay. :) We'll just get things started anyways.

The first mailing is going out on January 5th. I'm hoping it will contain a nice blurb about the red hearts that will be held up at the Psycho concerts in the USA this winter in addition to a letter. I'm just waiting for permission from the person running the 'Hearts' campaign. :)

Not much to report right now other then that! Just thought I'd let the few of you here who are watching know that things are still going ahead regardless of the lack of feedback!
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it's a rather random question on my part... but where did you find the photo u used for the information page? was there a whole shoot that went with it?

i miss things e__e; thanks if you're able to help!
Thats the one of them holding the globes, right?

You know I think it was a total random find on my part... I'll have to see if I can dig it up. It's also been heavily editted on my part and my (tawdry) photoshop skillzorz. ;)

I'll see if I can find it for you, though!
hai ^__^

haha, but it still looks kewl, i was like like =O how did i miss this photo/shoot?! even if u just have the original of this one it'll be kewl, cuz then i can ask around.. it'll be my quest for the nite ^_^

thank you sooo much!