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earth_to_psycho's Journal

Earth To Psycho Le Cemu!
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Welcome to "Earth To Psycho!"

This community is dedicated to the "Earth to Psycho" faction, a newly composed and soon to be 'live' group of people who are campaigning to have Psycho Le Cemu come worldwide!

Certainly this isn't a new idea, we're not the first and we certainly won't be the last, but we figure we'll give it a try anyways!

Earth to Psycho is basically aiming to get together a petition of names from around the world and do one mailing a week to the band. The petition and request will be included in each mailing, but also we will be accepting any submissions you'd like to include for us to forward along!
We'll do special mailings for celebratory holidays as well.

Earth to Psycho will foot the bill of any mailing charges from where the home base is (Canada) to Japan, but any submissions you'd like to include need to be at your expense to Canada.
Get it to us and we'll get it to them!

There is no deadline for anything except special mailings. And those will be announced on the (Coming Soon!) webpage, and the community.

At the moment the address for "Earth to Psycho" is my own personal address and therefore will not be public here. But after Christmas 2004 there will be an actual PO box address for the faction which will be featured here so you can just send in things as you see fit.

While our ultimate goal is to see more of PLC worldwide, there will also be a campaign for an international fanclub, and cd distribution world wide.

We're always looking for more people to help out! Especially in the starting phases of this project. So jump on in if you'd like!
Drop us a line at the e-mail address listed above and we'll do everything we can to make the worl just a little more Psycho!

Moderator and owner of the "Earth to Psycho" faction: boukyou Don't hesitate to contact me if you need to!

Buttons and stuff if you'd be so kind as to stick one in your user info!

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